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Penelope Burrows

I am a Licensed Cognitive Behavioral Therapist who has worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 25 years. My goal is to help clients develop a deeper understanding of themselves; why we think, feel, and behave the way we do, and how certain events of the past may contribute to our emotions, reactions, and can affect the decisions we make today.

It is important to understand our triggers and cues and the influence we can have to change our brain's responses to everyday life. I want to help clients to identify what works and what doesn't work, and together create a map for success.

I have found that this strategic approach to therapy has benefited those who like direction. I have used this approach with individuals, couples, and groups.


  • To provide an atmosphere free from judgment and expectations, allowing individuals to decide their own goals for therapy.
  • To be directive offering both support and insight in this process. I will always tell you what I see but never tell you what to do.
  • To ensure that at the end of therapy for each client to have their own "Life Map." This includes a better understanding of oneself, past/current patterns of behavior, how and why we make certain decisions, strategies for coping, and a plan of action for the future.
  • To assist clients who are wanting to make a behavioral change by identifying areas that would most benefit such change.
  • To access each person's potential by understanding energy levels and personal strengths.
  • To help each client to learn and develop the essential tools to work through the brain's resistance to change.
  • To provide on-going coaching along the way.
  • To identify areas that would benefit from change.
  • To help them understand their past.
  • To understand how their past patterns affect current patterns.
  • To help clients look at strengths and weaknesses.
  • To develop tools to work through our brain’s resistance to change.

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To contact Penelope Burrows or to schedule an appointment, please call 415-263-6892. Please leave a message on my secure voicemail with your first and last name, phone number, and a good time to reach you. Please indicate if you would like me to text you back or leave a voicemail.


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